Why Visit?

Gain a Vantage Point Of The Rotorcraft Industry

Designed to meet the needs of this thriving region, Rotorcraft Asia covers the entire rotorcraft supply chain, from airframes, components and parts, to avionics, safety systems, MROs and more.

It is a must-attend event for aviation professionals, corporate VIPs, high net worth individuals, and helicopter operators, buyers and lessors.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit:

  1. Explore the region's first dedicated rotorcraft marketplace

    Rotorcraft Asia is the first event to bring together the industry's top rotorcraft manufacturers, suppliers and innovators to meet climbing commercial and para-public demand in the region. Take in impressive displays and product walkthroughs, board and even take off in the newest aircrafts. At Rotorcraft Asia, even the sky isn't a limit!

  2. Be the first to catch new product launches

    Host to the industry's biggest names and up-and-coming new players, Rotorcraft Asia is your front row seat to the unveiling of rotorcraft's latest technologies and innovations.

  3. Keep up with rotorcraft trends and developments

    View state-of-the-art aircraft, get up to speed with the latest technological applications and gain insight from the industry. With its wide array of exhibits, static displays and even flight demonstrations, Rotorcraft Asia is a microcosm of the exciting rotorcraft landscape in the Asia Pacific.

  4. Network with the who's who in the industry

    Rotorcraft heavyweights, aviation experts and other key industry stakeholders are landing soon at Rotorcraft Asia. This is your chance to connect with industry influencers, scout out strategic partners and secure great deals for your organisation.

  5. Gain insights and participate in engaging discussions

    Rotorcraft Asia is home to two engaging new conferences. Our finance-themed forum will help you gain a deeper understanding of the financing and leasing options available to rotorcraft businesses. The other technology-themed conference opens a dialogue on operational challenges and the means to overcome them. Both are great ways to keep abreast of the industry's inner workings.

Visit Rotorcraft Asia and get the big picture of the region's rotorcraft sector!

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