VIP Buyers Programme

Find the right partner for your business needs and maximise your time at both shows through our VIP Buyers' Programme, a highly effective platform for qualified buyers to meet with targeted exhibitors on a pre-scheduled, one-on-one basis.

Buyers who are seeking specific products and services will be able to fully maximise their time at the show as the relevant suppliers would be shortlisted and matched for meetings prior to the event. Exhibitors can enjoy undivided attention of buyers and use this dedicated face-time to forge strategic new partnerships.

How does it work?

Exhibitors and VIP Buyers will be matched for pre-scheduled meetings.

  • Participating exhibitors will receive a list of potential buyers / VIP Buyers will receive a list of participating exhibitors
  • Exhibitors indicate the buyers they prefer to meet / Buyers indicate the exhibitors they prefer to meet
  • A "match-making" process will take place and meeting schedules will be drawn up based on best available timeslots for each exhibitor and buyer.
  • Business meeting takes place at Rotorcraft Asia 2017!

Who are our VIP Buyers?

  • Decision makers and C-level executives
  • Government officials from Asia Pacific region who can influence or make procurement decisions
  • Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

More information will be available at a later date.