Sponsorship Options

Increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your booth with our suite of sponsorship options! Our sponsorship packages are flexible in form and budget and we will be delighted to work with you to create bespoke sponsorship solutions. Seize this opportunity to maximise your investment and act now!

Trade Invitations

Our Trade Visitor Invitation provides you the perfect opportunity to reach highly qualified trade attendees of Rotorcraft Asia and Unmanned Systems Asia. The Trade Visitor Invitation is distributed via post mail to C-level visitors, during trade shows and events by our partners, as well as sent out by Exhibitors to their guests.

Visitor Pocket Guides

This handy sized fold-out pocket guide contains important show details, maps and information which all guests will need to get around the show grounds! Given out to all trade visitors upon entry to the show site, the sponsor of Rotorcraft Asia and Unmanned Systems Asia 2017 Visitors' Guide can be certain of constant visibility throughout the show.

Official Exhibitor and Trade Visitor Lanyards

Badges and Lanyards are distributed to all guests upon registration and are required for entrance to the event. With custom-printed lanyards complete with your company logo, you are guaranteed non-stop exposure throughout the show! Branding of the Badges and Lanyards is subject to organiser's approval and excludes production.

Official Digital Trade Directory

The Official Digital Trade Directory is the only publication that contains comprehensive details of all exhibitors. Your advertisement is guaranteed to enjoy extended readership even after the event. This Trade Directory will be distributed to all delegates, exhibitors and accredited members of the media. It will also be sold at the event as well as digital downloads during and after the show. In addition to the highly visible placement on the inside cover of this publication, you can also reserve space on the centre spread as well as splash page ads, banner and tile ads!

Billboards at Exhibition Hall Main Entrance

These single-sided boards next to the main entrance greet attendees as they enter the hall and offer excellent visibility for your company's brand name.

Outdoor Ad

Billboards Along Exhibition Hall Perimeter Hallway

This is a high-traffic area sited just in front of the plaza where demonstrations would take place, providing great exposure for your brand.

Outdoor Ad

A-Signboards along Plaza Driveway

Create a constant awareness of your brand name as visitors walk to and from the exhibition building from the carpark.

Outdoor Ad

Pillar Wraps (SOLD!)

Place your brand where you will really be noticed! Delegates and guests entering the exhibition hall will definitely be impressed by the 16 pillar wraps dominating the main entrance at the plaza area.

Aisle Banners

With thousands of visitors thronging the exhibition hall amidst more than a hundred booth stands, the in-hall aisle banners are the point of reference for attendees navigating the vast amount of exhibits and showcases. Suspending high up from the ceiling of the exhibition hall, sponsors who take up this option can be assured of maximum eyeballs for their brand name!

Registration Counters

Join us as a Registration Counter Sponsor and be the first to greet your guests! Enjoy branding opportunity at the Registration Counters and have your logo acknowledged alongside Registration Counter signages as well as at the form filling-counters.

Badges and Lanyards (SOLD!)

Badges and Lanyards are distributed to all visitors upon registration and are required for entry to the event. With lanyards custom-printed with your company logo, you are guaranteed non-stop exposure throughout the show! Branding of the Badges and Lanyards is subject to organiser's approval.

Location Boards and Floor Plan Boards

With an exhibition hall the size of 12,500 sqm, the first stop for any visitor to get their bearings right would definitely be our Location Boards and Floor Plan Boards. Located at strategic crossroads, entrances and exits at the show grounds, our Location Boards and Floor Plan Boards guarantee maximum exposure at high traffic areas for your company.

Media Centre

With hundreds of international and local media covering the show, the Media Centre is the hot-spot to hit for great press! Build your brand and increase your presence among this group of specialised professionals by sponsoring our media facilities. Exclusive branding opportunities both inside and outside the Media Centre provide your organisation with great visibility to all media, guests and exhibitors to Rotorcraft Asia and Unmanned Systems Asia!

WiFi Zone

In our fast-paced world, we are virtually connected 24/7. The Internet transcends time zones and at an event with international participation, no email goes unchecked. While exhibitors and attendees log on to check their email, they will not miss your company's branding prominently displayed at the Internet Centre. Branding of the Internet Centre is subject to organiser's approval and excludes set-up and equipment.

Entitlements Luminary Conference Sponsor Legacy Conference Sponsor
Thought leadership:
  • Speaking opportunity as a Keynote Speaker
1 Speaker 1 Speaker
Brand presence on Conference webpage:    
  • Logo acknowledgement
  • Corporate overview with link to sponsor’s website
  • Rotating Vertical banner
Conference programme book
  • Logo acknowledgement
Rotorcraft electronic direct mails
  • Inclusion of sponsor logo in one (1) email blast
Logo acknowledgement on on-site signages like directional signs, programme board, etc
A 3-min corporate video to be played before start of conference  

Distribution of sponsor’s marketing collaterals

Networking Opportunities:    
  • Delegate passes to Rotorcraft Asia Conference
4 Passes 2 Passes
  • Tickets to Industry Welcome Reception
2 Tickets 2 Tickets
  • Tickets to Opening Ceremony
2 Tickets 2 Tickets
Entitlements Presenting Sponsor Innovative Sponsor Happy Hour Sponsor
Logo acknowledgement on / at:      
  • All pre-event online and print marketing materials
  • Event venue during Industry Welcome Reception
  • Sponsors' Acknowledgement board at registration area at exhibition hall
Inclusion of Logo in Rotorcraft Asia electronic direct mails (eDMs) In 3 email blasts In 2 email blasts In 1 email blasts
Mention/ Verbal acknowledgement at :      
  • Pre-show Media Conference
  • Industry Welcome Reception
Brand exposure on Rotorcraft Asia website:      
  • One splash page advertisement in the Digital Directory
  • 80-word company profile feature on the Sponsors & Partners page
  • Rotating banner on homepage
  • Rotating banner on Exhibitor Listings Page
One A-signboard at Plaza area at exhibition hall
Exhibition space at the Start-Up Showcase   6 sqm  
Delegate passes to Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Conference 10 6 4
Tickets to Industry Welcome Reception 10 6 4
Tickets to Opening Ceremony 10 6 4
Discount on Rotorcraft Asia 2017 delegate passes 20% 20% 20%

For more information about the exhibition and sponsorship options, please feel free to contact:
Lim Mei Ling at +65 6595 6113 / meilinglim@experiaevents.com