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Source: CH-Aviation
New Delhi has plans to privatize its investments

The Indian government has accelerated plans to privatize its investments in the aviation sector

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Source: Rotor and Wing
Life Force Adds Another H135 to Fleet

Utilizing the H135 aircraft, patients now have quicker access to medical attention with increased safety during periods where outside visual references are obscured.

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Source: Air Cosmos International
Safran Helicopter Engines technical publications now available online

Safran Helicopter Engines just launched a new online technical publications service for its entire engine range, offering the latest versions of each document at any time.

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Source: Stuff
Another great result for Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter

With the community's support, the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter flies 300 to 350 hours annually and 95 missions this year.

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Source: The Straits Times
Pride, sweat and joy in staging state flag flypast

Since 2001, the 30m by 20m Singapore Flag has been flown by a Chinook helicopter for the yearly Flypast during National Day.

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Source: Rotorhub
Prestwick SAR base completes 500th mission

The SAR Helicopter base has 30 crew members and provides life-saving support.

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