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Uber in the sky? Now you can crowdsource a helicopter and get to the show on time

Helicopter travel might be as affordable as commercial aircraft travel in the future

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New helicopter technology is driving sales

New helicopters with better technologies

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Source: Bendigo Adviser
Bendigo helicopters ready to fight fire from the air

It’s an unmistakable sound when the mercury’s high and the conditions are dry – the thundering of a water-bombing helicopter flying overhead. Central Victoria’s team of firefighting helicopters arrived in Bendigo on Wednesday, ready to take on grass and bushfires within a 70km radius from the airport. The yellow and blue helicopter responsible for dumping water from the sky is the Helitak 335, which works in conjunction with the Firebird 305, used to coordinate the aerial attack.

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Emergency rescue drills with helicopters

Chico >> Twenty “victims” harnessed and clipped onto a 100-foot electric orange cord, dangled from a helicopter as it picked them up from the tallest building in California north of Sacramento. In groups of three or fewer, they were shuttled from the top of Butte Hall down to the Chico State University soccer field for a Butte Interagency Search and Rescue training on Saturday morning.

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Source: The Telegraph
Helicopters grounded due to heavy and thick smog in Delhi

plans to dispatch smog-fighting helicopters in New Delhi have been put on hold due to the severity of the pollution in the city. Officials in the Indian capital had hoped to use helicopters to sprinkle water over the grey haze in a bid to alleviate the crisis which has been declared a public health emergency. However, national helicopter carrier Pawan Hans has been unable to begin the flights due to poor visibility across New Delhi caused by the hazardous smog.

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Lifeguard 1

Called “Lifeguard 1,” the Alouette will ultimately be restored as a replica of an early civil air medical helicopter for display at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum in Denver. As the first step in that process, it has been freshly painted in the colors of Flight For Life Colorado, and will make an appearance at the museum’s annual fundraising gala on Saturday.

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