Q: When are the Show Days?
A: Rotorcraft Asia is a trade event and will be happening from 18 – 20 April 2017.

Q: What is the size of the exhibition?
A: 5000sqm

Q: How many companies are there and from which countries are they from?
A: There are a total of over 80 participating companies from close to 20 countries.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Yes. Trade visitors should be dressed in business attire. Please note that the Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any guest dressed in singlet, shorts, bermudas and slippers, or in any dressing deemed inappropriate for the event.

Q: Is there an age restriction for attending the event?
A: Yes, attendance to Rotorcraft Asia is strictly for trade visitors and professionals who are 18 years old and above only.

Q: Can visitors bring children to the event?
A: No, admission to the event is strictly for trade visitors and professionals who are 18 years old and above only. Children will not be allowed to enter the show grounds.

Q: Do visitors need to bring their business cards?
A: It would be advisable to bring along business cards to network and exchange contacts with exhibitors and other trade visitors.

Q: Are students allowed to enter?
A: Student group visit must be pre-arranged and they are allowed only during the afternoon on 20 April from 1pm to 4pm. They will be provided colored stickers, and must be escorted.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the Trade Directory?
A: You can view the list of exhibitor profiles on the webpage http://www.rotorcraft-asia.com/exhibitors-listing.html. The Digital Trade Directory is available for pre-registered visitors when the show starts on 18 April 2017. Pre-registered visitors can login to Visitor Centre to download the Official Digital Trade Directory. If you encounter difficulties, please proceed to the Information Counter onsite for assistance.

Q: What should I do with lost & found items?
A: You can pass it to the Information Counter.

Q: Where do I collect my Lucky Draw Prize?
A: Please collect your Lucky Draw Prize at the Information Counter during the event. Please bring along the notification email and you passport or NRIC for verification when you collect your prize.


Q: How do I register for the Rotorcraft Asia 2017?
A: You may register online via the Rotorcraft Asia website prior to the event or on-site at the Changi Exhibition Centre during the show days. Click here to register now.

Q: Is there a contact for registration enquiries?
A: Yes, you may send your enquiries to registration@rotorcraft-asia.com. If you have already submitted your registration and would like to check on your registration status, please indicate your Name and NRIC / Passport Number in the email for easy reference.

Q: Who may I contact if I did not receive a confirmation email after registering online?
A: You may send your enquiries to registration@rotorcraft-asia.com. Please indicate Name and NRIC / Passport Number in the email for easy reference.

Q: May I register for Rotorcraft Asia and Unmanned Systems Asia onsite?
A: Yes. Please proceed to the Registration Counter located at the entrance of the hall for more details.


Q: Will security checks be conducted at the show?
A: No, there will be not security checks conducted at the show.

Q: Are there any items which are not allowed to be brought into the show site?
A: The list of prohibited items are as follows:

  • Firearms/Parts of Firearms, including empty magazines and spent cartridges (with percussion cap attached) etc
  • Live Bullet/Blank
  • Air Pistol/Rifle or parts
  • Spear Gun
  • Explosive/Blasting cap/Dynamite/Corrosive Substance
  • Fireworks/crackers
  • Parang/Machete
  • Bearing scrapper
  • Walking Stick with Dagger
  • Antique Pistol/Gun
  • Stun Gun
  • Baton/T-baton
  • Wooden/Metal Spear
  • Night Stick
  • Signal Flare and other Flammable materials
  • Handcuff
  • Tear-Gas Spray/Pepper spray
  • Nanchaku
  • Knuckle Duster
  • Cross Bow
  • Industrial Acid
  • Bullet proof vest
  • Key chain (Bullet/Gun)
  • Lighter in Gun, Pistol, Bullet, Grenade shape
  • Toy gun which resemble actual gun
  • Any sharp items that can be used as a weapon

Travelling There

Q: Where is the event held?
A: The event is held at Changi Exhibition Centre, 9 Aviation Park Road, Singapore 498760. GPS Coordinates:1.364025, 104.022153

Q: How do I get to the show site?
A: You may travel to the show site by car, taxi or via our complimentary shuttle service. Please visit our Getting There page for more information.

Q: Is there a location surcharge for taking a taxi at the show site?
A: There is a designated pick-up/drop off taxi bay at the show site and a location surcharge of $10 will be applicable if you are taking a taxi from the event venue.

Q: Do we have to pay for parking?
A: No, parking is complimentary at CEC.

Q: Where is the shuttle bus queue at Singapore Expo?
A: The pick-up point at Singapore Expo. When you exit from the MRT gantry, look out for Rotorcraft Asia and Unmanned Systems Asia signage and ushers and they will provide directions or lead you to the bus stop.

Q: Where is the waiting area for shuttle bus services at Changi Exhibition Centre?
A: The waiting area is located on the right of the hall, look out for directional sign leading to the shuttle bus services.

Q: How do we get out of the show site?
A: You may take a taxi or via the complimentary shuttle bus service to expo.

Q: Where can I call for Grab or Uber?
A: A designated pick up/drop off is located just outside the exhibition hall.


Q: How do I register for the Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Conference?
A: You can register for the Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Conference here.

Q: When and where is the Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Conference held?
A: The Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Conference will be held on 19 April and 20 April 2017 at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

Q: Are there any sponsorship opportunities at the Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Conference?
A: Yes, you may contact meilinglim@rotorcraft-asia.com to find out about the sponsorship options available. Please feel free to check out our other sponsorship options for Rotorcraft Asia here.


Q: How do Media register for a Media Pass?
A: Media will have to submit their media accreditation application through the Rotorcraft Asia website by clicking here.

Q: How do visitors view the media releases and latest news about Rotorcraft Asia 2017?
A: Visitors may subscribe to the Rotorcraft Asia eNEWS for latest news about the event.

Food & Dining Options

Q: Are Food & Beverages available at the show site?
A: Yes there will be a variety of F&B outlets located within the exhibition hall. Most F&B outlets at the show site accept cash payment only. Visitors are advised to bring along sufficient cash. Please refer to the on-site location boards for exact locations of these outlets.

Q: Are visitors allowed to bring their own food and drinks to the show site?
A: Yes, definitely. However visitors are reminded to dispose trash in the garbage bins provided on-site.

Q: Where is the nearest food centre located near the event venue?
A: The nearest food centre is located at Changi Village which is 10 minutes away by taxi and 1 hour by foot from the Changi Exhibition Centre.


Q: Are there function rooms available for use? 
A: The function rooms are located near the front of the exhibition hall and are open for booking by exhibitors. To check room availability and bookings, please contact us at enquiries@rotorcraft-asia.com or at the on-site Exhibitors Service Centre.

Q: Is there a prayer room where visitors can conduct their prayer ritual? 
A: Yes there is. Please refer to the on-site location board for the exact location.

Q: Is the show site disabled-access friendly? 
A: Yes, the show site is disabled-access friendly.

Q: Are there ATMs at the show site?
A: No, there are no ATMs at the show site. Visitors are advised to bring sufficient cash.

Q: Is smoking allowed at the show site? 
A: Yes, but only within the designated smoking areas. Please refer to the on-site location board for the exact locations.

Q: Are there any money changers onsite?
A: No, but the nearest location is at the Changi Airport.

Q: What do we do if someone requires medical assistance?
A: There is a Medical Post located in Function Room 8.


Q: Do visitors need to apply for a visa to enter Singapore?
A: To find out if a visa is required, visitors may refer to the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA) website at www.ica.gov.sg or click here.

Q: How do visitors apply for a visa?
A: To apply for a visa, please check out the application requirements here.

Q: How do visitors obtain a letter of support from Rotorcraft Asia for visa application?
A: Visitors may send enquiry to enquiries@rotorcraft-asia.com. Please note that trade visitors must first complete their registration before requesting for the letter of support.